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Published on September th, 2010

Sometimes I wonder why I drag myself to events just to shoot a few photos and make a couple bucks.  This past weekend I spent hours walking around the entire Glen Helen Moto complex in triple digit temperatures.  Sometimes I question why I go to so many of the same types of events to take pictures of the same things I already have a million photos of on my computer.

Not long ago I attended the Sand Sport Super Show in Costa Mesa California and as I sat in traffic on HWY 91 (the busiest freeway in Southern California) I found myself asking the question of why all over again.  About an hour later as I walked through the front gate of the Orange County Fairgrounds I suddenly remembered why; because this is what I love.

For all of my life I’ve been limited to viewing the world I love through the lens of magazine’s and videos.  For the last year I’ve immersed myself in every aspect of this industry possible.  From FMX shows with the best in the world to the Baja Peninsula with the best in the desert.  I’ve taken every opportunity offered to be a part of this industry and in return have been blessed with so many amazing experiences.  The 12th annual Sand Sports Super Show was another one of those opportunities.

I had only to walk through the gate at the event to be reminded why I love this industry.  The first booth I spied belonged to Trinity Racing.  Trinity is known for building some fast engines and they had a few of their insane custom quads on display including a 950cc Raptor 700 as well as a 160 horse power 611cc stroker drag Banshee.  I also loved their Monster Energy themed Banshee complete with a transparent clutch cover.  Under the awning they had engines, components and all kinds of go fast goodies to trick out your quad or UTV.

img_5422 img_5430

From there I made my way to “the hanger” where I found a mini version of Temecula Motorsports.  Many dealers use this show as a kickoff for the upcoming dune season and offer HUGE discounts on bikes, products and riding gear.  High temps make trips to Glamis and Ocotillo Wells nearly impossible during the summer months so the offroad enthusiasts here in So Cal are gearing up for the winter months of riding.


Because the show is geared towards sand enthusiasts, it is obviously not limited to the ATV crowd.  Hundred thousand dollar sand cars, trophy trucks and all kinds of custom goodies can be found in and around the Orange County Fairgrounds when the Sand Sport Super Show is in town.  While many folks I spoke with said the number of venders was down, I still found plenty of toys to drool over.  By and large the biggest offroading group represented seemed to be the UTV crowd.  There are certainly more UTV’s on the market now than ever before and that was apparent as I made laps around the show.  With all the different models being offered by various manufacturers comes just as many companies offering bolt on after market products.  From long travel front ends and suspension to custom lighting and bolt on bling, there is no limit to the amount of customization you can do to personalize your own UTV.


On the ATV side of things RIS Designs took home the biggest bling award with their rather large display of custom billet products as well as an array of trick custom quads.  Being the two-stroke fan that I am, I was very impressed with the Suzuki LT250R Quadracer they had on display.  For the female crowd they had a pink, purple and teal Suzuki LTR 450 on display as well.  The focal point of the show for RIS Designs was the unveiling of a commemorative Banshee in memory of the late Rudy Monjaraz who passed away late last year.

Mod quad also had an impressive display of shiny goodies, as did Cascade Innovations.  Based out of Sandy Oregon, the folks at Cascade Innovations are familiar with sand sports.  The Oregon Dunes recreation area is not far from their headquarters and these guys know how to build some of the best looking quads on the sand.  A show favorite was their General Lee quad.  Everywhere they go the quad gets a lot of attention and turns heads but no one seems interested in making it a part of their own collection.  Pity.

I chatted briefly with Loren Duncan of Duncan Racing as they had their Duncan/Roll Design Yamaha Banshee on display.  This extremely clean, well put together quad has always caught my eye whether in a magazine add or online.  Duncan Racing has been around since the late ‘70’s and has been in the business of building powerful racing engines ever since.  With the addition of Paul Turner Racing Engines to their business in 1989, Duncan Racing has been a major player in the high performance ATV market for some time.  They are currently the exclusive US distributor of the ATV line of Vortex Engine Control Units (ECU).  Vortex ECU’s allow the user to control both the fuel intake as well as spark timing and voltage output.  Many of the new fuel mapping devices on the market allow the user to control one of these functions but not both.  The Vortex ECU will allow you to get the maximum performance our of your EFI equipped engine.  I chatted with Richard Murrling, managing director for Vortex, about the benefits of the product and where they are at in the testing process.  He shared that he’s been working extensively with the Geico Powersports Honda team and that he recently spent a day at the track testing with Kevin Windham.  Windham was impressed; that’s enough to make me a believer.

From there I continued my rounds and met up with the guys from Dasa Engineering.  Dasa built the motor for our Rockstar/Bombsquad Polaris Outlaw that was featured in the August 2010 issue of Dirtwheels magazine.  I bumped into Joe Byrd while at the Dasa booth and he shared his plans for improving the Joe Byrd Quad Riding School and training facility.  Essentially he plans to provide a complete training facility for riders to come park their RV’s and have access to his track as well as his gym.  It’s the all inclusive ATV racing/training package.

Overall my time at the Sand Sports Super Show was productive and entertaining.  While there weren’t many new releases for the ATV crowd, it’s always fun to connect with industry insiders and spend time with people who are equally as passionate about our great sport.

Seth Fargher


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    Can someone from Rudy Monjaraz’s company contact me concerning Rudy. I am an old friend of his from Coast West Mfg.


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