Rhino Front Chassis Ribs Installation Directions

Published on December th, 2008

Name: Yamaha Rhino Front Chassis Plate

Part No: ATR-CHA-2001

Parts Included In Kit:

1 Chassis Plate

1 8mm Differential Flange Bolt

5 ¼” Washer

4 10mm 10.9 A-Arm Flange Bolt

4 10mm Lock Nut

Tools Required For Installation:

Basic Hand Tools

Installation Procedure:

Step 1:

Please verify that all the parts are present. Read the directions completely before proceeding with the installation. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call or email.

Remove the 4 bolts that are holding the front A-arms to the front of the chassis. Remove the bolt in the front differential that lines up with the tab on the new front chassis plate. This will be replaced with the new bolt that is provided in our kit.

Step 2:

Place the 8mm bolt thru the plate and install 4 ¼” washers on the backside of the plate. These act as a spacer between the differential case and chassis plate. The washers will be a snug fit on the 8mm bolt. When the plate is in place, verify chassis plate and A-Arm mounting point alignment. Everything should look centered up between the plate and frame. Due to manufacturing tolerances and general wear and tear, you may add or subtract the number of spacer washers as needed. This is how the plate was designed, so that you can shift it side to side if necessary to ensure 100% proper alignment with the A-Arm mounting points.

Step 3:

Insert the new A-Arm hardware that is provided. Proceed to first tighten the differential bolt down snug to draw the plate against the differential. Then proceed to tighten the A-Arm hardware down to the manufacturer’s recommended torque value. After the first trip out, please recheck all hardware to ensure that they are still tight.


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