Removable Winch Cradle

Published on May th, 2010

Here is a new removable winch cradle we are working on that will fit 2″ receiver hitches. We will have front and rear receiver hitches available for UTV’s and ATV’s where you will be able to mount your winch to the front or back of your vehicle.

Whats not shown in pics is the handles – which will use the same MX grips we use on our OS Handle, or knurled aluminum, haven’t decided yet.

We are also thinking about making roll cage mounts that hold the winch cradle in the cargo area while not in use.

What does everyone think?



  1. Posted by john on October 23rd, 2011, 12:40

    I want to mount an electic winch to my UTV rollbar. A detachable receiver mount would be ideal. This winch will be would be used for extraction and hauling gear, logs, etc. into the bed for transport. Any thoughts on a mount for this purpose? How much weight would the roll bar be able to handle? Is welding necessary or can it be done with clamps?

    No one seems to manufacture such a set up.




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