Polaris RZR Steering Column Bearing System Installation

Published on January th, 2009

Our Steering Column Kit uses machined sleeves and needle bearings that take out all of the slop found with the RZR’s factory steering column.


Name: Polaris RZR Steering Stem Bearing System
Part No: ATR-CHA-1007

Parts Included In Kit:
2 Aluminum Sleeves with Sealed Needle Bearings

Tools Required For Installation:
Basic Hand Tools
Bearing Grease
Vise or Large C-Clamp

Installation Procedure:

Step 1
Please verify that all the parts are present. Read the directions completely before proceeding with the installation. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call or email.

Step 2
You will need to remove your steering wheel and the steering column tube from the chassis. The steering stem is attached to the steering shaft with a pinch bolt thru the yoke. Before removal you can make a mark on the shaft and yoke to make reorienting the steering wheel easier. Remove the pinch bolt and separate the steering wheel from the yoke by giving it a tug.

Step 3
Remove the steering column tube from the chassis. Remove the OEM plastic bushings from the column. Start both alloy bushings into the column. Use a vice or larger c-clamp to press them in straight and toward each other. They are very snug and the lower one will definitely take a bit more pressure due to the welding performed on the column tube by Polaris. It is not uncommon to see a few small slivers of aluminum peel off the lower insert as you push it securely into the column.

Step 4
Place a small amount of grease onto both needle bearing surfaces in between each seal. Re-mount the steering column and tighten the hardware. Wipe off the steering shaft and reinsert it into the column. The shaft will be snug as it slides over the seals. Re-install yoke and tighten pinch bolt and nut securely.



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