Polaris RZR LED Light Bar Dash Mount

Published on October th, 2009

We are working on a bolt on mount for Rigid Industries 30″ LED Light Bar, based on our standard bolt on dash bar.  We started mounting Rigid Industries LED Light Bars over the dash on custom roll cages we were making for different customers. In our area with a lot of  woods trail riding it works great down low where it does not get hit by branches.  After getting several requests we decided to make this as a bolt on LED light bar mount to work with the factory roll cage.


There are several LED Light Bar manufacturers in the market. From what little experience we had with LED lighting we were at first skeptical if these can truly perform for the money. That was until we tried Rigid Industries LED Lights. To say we were impressed is an understatement. Some of the other LED light bars we had tried did not have good range. They lit up the area around the vehicle well, but simply did not project the light out where it is needed. Rigid Industries uses a patented hybrid technology that runs at 90% efficiency – unmatched in the industry. The most important difference between Rigid Industries LED‘s and all of the other LED light bars we’ve tried is their pattented reflector design. This enables the Rigid Industries LED’s to project the light the distance that they do.

Benefits to LED lighting:

  • 50,000 hour lift expectancy
  • Very High Lumens per Watt
  • No glass lense to break
  • No Bulbs to burn out
  • No HID ballast to mount
  • Compact & Extremely durable design
dash-light-bar-002 dash-light-bar-004 tab


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