Polaris RZR Front Chassis Bones Install

Published on January th, 2009

Our Polaris RZR Chassis Bones sleeve the RZR’s chassis tubes and increase their thickness by 130% These not only greatly increase the strength of your RZR’s chassis but they also feature a machined end piece with a rubber o-ring that keep out mud and water. All pieces come in a Zinc Chromate finish to resist corrosion.

Tools Required For Installation:

Hand Tools

Electric or Cordless Drill

T25 Torx® Bit

3/8” Allen® Bit

Torque Wrench

Wheel Bearing Grease

Parts Included In Kit:

2 Long Tube Inserts

2 Machined End Caps

2 Stainless Steel Cap Screws

2 O-Rings

2 Self Tapping Screws

1 #7 Drill Bit

Installation Procedure:

Step 1:

Please verify that all the parts are present. The included parts are shown in the picture below. Read the directions completely before proceeding with the installation. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call or email.

Step 2:

Remove the lower skid plate to provide access to the 2 front frame tubes.

Step 3:

Measure forward 1.375” to 1.5” from the front of the lower A-arm rear tab mount and center punch a mark. Make sure you punch in the direction that facilitates getting your drill into that space so you can drill the hole.

Step 4:

Proceed to drill the hole with the provide # 7 drill bit. Take your time so as not to possibly bend and break the drill bit.

Step 5:

Take the 2 machined fittings and install the o-rings in the groove located on the fittings. We recommend you apply grease to the o-rings to help them provide a better seal on the chassis. Do this to the 2 fittings. See below picture.

Step 6:

Insert the 2 tubes in the chassis openings. Make sure the end with the threaded insert inside the tube is facing you. Locate the slot in the tube inline with the 2 holes you drilled for the tubes. You will be able to spin the tubes to line them up with the holes. You can apply a light coating of grease on the outer surface of the tubes before sliding them in. This will help resist corrosion and aid in spinning them around. The fit may be snug and they may need to be bumped in with a mallet.

Step 7:

Make sure all slots on the tubes are located under the holes. If you are having difficulty lining them up, use the hardware to pull the tube out and reinsert it correctly. Take the self tapping screw and put a dab of grease on the threads. Now thread the screw into the previously drilled holes on the upper two chassis tubes. These screws will cut the new threads and let them bottom out. Do not over tighten.

Step 8:

Insert SS cap screw into end caps and insert into the chassis tubes. Start threading cap screw as you push the cap flush. The cap screw needs to be TORQUED TO APPROXMATELY 40 FT. LBS. If you try and tighten it too tight, you may damage the part.

Step 9:

At this point tighten the end caps and wipe off excess grease from the end caps. We want to thank you for purchasing an ATR product. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call.


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