Lights, Pyrotechnics, Action!!!

Published on July st, 2010

If the first few months of 2010 are any evidence of things to come, Colten Moore is in for the most exciting and eventful year of his life.  From Winter X Games in Aspen, to X Nights in Panama and a few more stops at home and abroad, Colten landed himself a spot on the biggest freestyle motocross tour ever to hit US soil.  The Nuclear Cowboyz made their way across the United States in the earlier part of 2010 and the Bomb Squad’s Colten Moore joined them for the final three stops on tour.

In case you’ve completely tuned out the FMX world in recent months, the Nuclear Cowboyz is a one of a kind freestyle spectacle combining freestyle bikes, quads, trials riding, dancers and plenty of pyrotechnics.  Quads are slowly gaining ground in the freestyle world and it was a huge step forward when Feld Motorsports announced they would include a quad freestyle rider on the tour.  After an unfortunate accident while attempting a backflip at the Tacoma Washingtion stop, Derek Guetter was sidelined and promoters called in Colten Moore for the remainder of the tour.  It was no rest for the weary as Colten, fresh off a stop in Puerto Rico, flew to California for a whirlwind training day with the Nuclear Cowboyz crew.


Colten arrived in California with a day of prep time to practice and get use to the unusually steep ramp he was to jump for the show.  Promoters sent a replica of the ramp to the Bomb Squad compound allowing Colten an extra day of practice.  Unfortunately the ramp was designed for stadiums with cement floors, not freestyle compounds and uneven ground.  The crew was unable to set the ramp up which meant Colten was limited to practicing merely hours before his first live performance.

Colten was able to adapt to the ramp and managed several backflips at the greater than usual 75 foot gap.  The ability to adapt to things like new ramps and larger gaps is what separates the men from the boys in the sport of freestyle motocross.  Many people can hit the same ramp at the same distance but to make adjustments, especially on dangerous tricks like the backflip, takes incredible skill.


Because the Nuclear Cowboyz is a performance rather than simply an exhibition, Colten was in for a crash course in show biz.  Other riders on the tour were afforded ten days of rehearsals before the tour began not to mention the twelve other stops the tour had made prior to Colten’s arrival.

Tour director Mickey Dymond worked with Colten to learn his scenes and make sure he was in the right places at all the right times.  An event like this is anything but orderly.  Add in the fact that they’re doing everything in the dark with fireworks exploding everywhere and it’s a recipe for chaos.  Entertaining chaos that is.


Colten took it in stride and his first show as a Nuclear Cowboy went off without a hitch.  Playing to the crowd, Moore made sure to show extra special attention to the Nuclear Cowgirlz as he made his way around the arena.  All the performers, freestyle riders and event staff praised his ability to jump into such a large production and to do so with such confidence.

From Anaheim it was off to Ontario before closing out the tour in the Windy City.  Of the experience, the younger Moore stated, “Its definitely the biggest show I’ve ever been a part of.”  That says a lot considering the 20 year old has already spanned the globe wowing audiences from Costa Rica to France and countless points in between.

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-Seth Fargher


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