Custom UTV’s for Military, Government, Forestry Service, Homeland Security, Fire, Search & Rescue

Published on December st, 2007

ATR has worked with government, city and state agencies to build custom Off Road Utility Vehicles for different applications.

We carry UTV conversion packages from Essex for Forestry Service, Hunting Expedition Rigs, Airport Security Vehicles, & Medical Responsive Vehicles. We also now distribute Security, Fire, Search & Rescure Packages from RCD. Pictures below represent some of the vehicle conversion packages we have available form Essex and RCD. ATR can custom build Utility Vehicles to fit several specialized applications.

Additional UTV Components Available:
Complete Vehicle Chassis
Underbelly Armor
Full Doors
Cab Enclosures
HD Boxed Chromoly Plate Suspension Arms
Load Adjusting Heavy Payload Shocks
Custom Valved Shocks
LED Light Bars
Infared LED Lights
Front and Rear Tube Cargo Rack Systems
Beadlock Wheels
Engine Conversion & Performance Packages


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