Custom Quad Build – Bomb Squad & Rockstar Energy Polaris Outlaw

Published on July th, 2010

Before I became actively involved in the industry, I dreamed about building a custom race quad.  Money is no option, the best parts, the most bling and someone just wants me to put it together for them.  A little while back I finally got my chance as Dirt Wheels Magazine asked us to assemble a race ready Polaris Outlaw.  I’ve definitely built quads before but nothing quite this extravagant.

Prior to this opportunity I never understood the big deal about building a bike.  I always read articles where guys said they were “Waiting on parts” and I never understood this.  You’re sponsored right?  Shouldn’t they get you your stuff on time?  What’s more, it’s all brand new, aftermarket product, shouldn’t it fit just right and go together with ease?

This build would prove to me all my prior assumptions were wrong and show me that no matter how much prepping and planning you put into a project, it NEVER goes as planned.  We had been receiving parts for a number of weeks but learned last minute that a few companies wanted to contribute.  While free goodies are always welcome the late arrival would cause a little added pressure.

The process began on a Wednesday afternoon.  Wes asked me to stop by Quad Tech and pick up a seat cover then hightail it to Dasa Racing where our engine was to be finished at 5pm.  I arrived at Dasa around 4 o’clock thinking that perhaps they had it finished early.  Dan Lamey, owner and chief engine builder for Dasa Racing looked at me with surprise when I said I was there for the engine.  He’d been scrambling all day to round up the necessary parts and had to send someone quite a distance to retrieve the ever necessary cam.  I finally left at 8pm with the motor and a box of parts ready to be assembled the following morning.

Adrian Rodriguez, our friend and owner of All Toys Performance, began assembling the quad around 6:30am.  I joined around 7:30 and started by removing the previous A-arms we had installed.  Rath racing had supplied us with numerous parts for the build, including a complete front end, which had arrived just in time for the build.  We had already begun assembling the quad with a different front end so I went to work.

The first of several challenges arose as the components supplied by Rath were silver.  In keeping with our black and gold Rockstar Energy drink theme we set out immediately to paint them though we were limited on drying time.  With the engine in place, Adrian set out hacking apart the quads sub-frame to install the larger than usual intake.  Once we mounted the intake we learned that the carburetor we had received was not the right one.

Back on the phone with Dasa, Wes arranged to get the appropriate carburetor the next morning when we were scheduled to test the quad on the dyno.

Several hours and two coats later we decided the Rath parts were dry enough to handle and we set out assembling the suspension components of the quad.  With the A-arms and swingarm attached, the beast was beginning to look like a race quad.  Precision sent us some trick new anti vibe bar clamps which housed our Vortex handlebars.  DWT provided both tires and beadlock wheels for the quad and a Lonestar axle would keep the rear end stable around turns.  Rath Racing also supplied us with a grab bar, steering stem and nerfbars with integrated heel guards (also in need of painting).

img_2104 Our freestyle team runs Fox Shox on our freestyle quads so Fox set us up with a set of long travels for this machine as well and FMF would handle the exhaust.  A few bling bling items we put on the quad to set it apart were a seat cover and carbon fiber nosepiece provided by Quad Tech as well as golden, braided brake lines from Galfer and our signature H-Bomb Blingstar bumper.


We finished assembling the quad around 9:30pm and Wes and I headed for Lake Elsinore to meet Cyle Chislock who would be dressing our machine with one of the sickest graphic kits I’ve ever seen.  Cyle worked as quickly as he could to install the kit and we left Elsinore to meet Dirt Wheels editor Ron Lawson at his studio around 11pm.


Why the rush you might ask?  Well the quad was scheduled to be a part of a Dirt Wheels Magazine shootout the next morning at Glen Helen Raceway.  If it took us all night, we HAD to get the quad built and to the studio for photos before we terrorized it on the motocross track.

Somewhere around midnight we met Brandon from Dasa Racing and dropped the quad off with him.  He would take it to the shop, install the new carburetor and test it on the Dyno the next morning before we were scheduled to arrive at the track at 9am.


Around 8 o’clock the next morning Wes received a call from Brandon saying the quad wouldn’t fire.  Great.  We’re suppose to ride the thing at Glen Helen in an hour and it won’t even start.  We raced to Dasa’s shop and by the time we arrived Brandon had figured out the problem.  When the engine was being assembled the valves were set to the wrong specification.  The quad roared to life and pumped out some pretty decent numbers on the dyno.

From there we loaded it up and headed for Glen Helen to see how it performed against several other race quads.  You may have already read my impression of that day of testing, but you can read all about our quad and how it faired against the competition in the August issue of Dirt Wheels Magazine on shelves now.

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  1. Posted by Blake Sturm on February 6th, 2011, 11:28

    Is there any way possible that this graphic kit would be able to be purchased at all?

  2. Posted by matan aflalo on May 6th, 2011, 08:59

    wher can i get the same graphic kit?


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